Up for the Challenge – Randy Trull Weaves a New Yarn at MFANO

Waynette Goodson, Editor-in-Chief of Casual Living and Exterior Design has in-depth knowledge of the outdoor industry and its trends. During the 2017 High Point Market, she sought out Randy Trull of MFANO Fabrics for an interview.

In what she later called her “favorite High Point moment,” Waynette quizzed Randy on his extensive background in fabrics and current role as Lead Designer at his newest venture MFANO Fabrics. She discovered Randy’s seemingly boundless energy for both storytelling and making waves in the fabric design industry and wrote about it in her article Up for the Challenge – Randy Trull Weaves a New Yarn at MFANO, published in Exterior Design.

A native of Raleigh, NC and graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Randy has over sixty years in the fabric business as a creative force and talented innovator. The line of jacquards he created for Sunbrella® in the 1980’s propelled Glen Raven Mills to its prominence in the performance fabric industry. Thanks to Randy and his continuing passion for excellence, MFANO is getting deserving looks for fresh, modern fabrics that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor.

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 Pressing on…

Waynette Goodson tells about her ‘favorite High Point moment’ with Randy Trull and Ed Glazier of MFANO Fabrics in her blogpost.


A Legend in the Rag Trade


After being immersed in the world of textile design for over sixty years, one would think Randy Trull would begin to slow down. But retirement is not a word he likes. As Lead Designer for MFANO Fabrics, Randy continues to create fresh, modern, cutting-edge designs. His designs are featured in MFANO’s collection of over 200 fabrics in their proprietary Sunbrella® line.

Renowned in the textile world for many firsts that were inspired by his uncanny ability to think outside the box, Randy is still making headlines. He designed Dupione for Sunbrella®, and it became their bestselling fabric. A consummate gentleman with a winning personality, Randy is always ready to talk about his two latest ventures, MFANO Fabrics and its manufacturing and sewing subsidiary Pender Creek Design Workshop. Randy and John Miller, his business partner and fellow designer, together provide MFANO’s clients with one of the most talented, innovative and experienced team in the design world.

Where does Randy get his inspiration for new fabric designs like Windows, one of MFANO’s newest collections? How he’s inspired may surprise you. Randy talks about this and much more, including many adventures throughout his illustrious career, in A Legend in the Rag Trade by Michelle Saxton.


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A Life Well Lived


When Tom Lassiter of Hearth & Home asked Randy Trull for an interview, Randy did not hold back. He talked about how following his passion for textiles and good design has led him to this point in his life – a life that, by all accounts, has been well lived.

After contemplating slowing down at age 80, instead Randy embarked on a new venture as Lead Designer for MFANO Fabrics. Together with John Miller, his business partner at MFANO, Randy is again creating stunningly beautiful Sunbrella® fabrics for both indoor and outdoor use. 



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