The MFANO Story

The MFANO collection was created as a collaboration of two uniquely experienced and equally creative designers who saw a void in the marketplace for high-end decorative performance fabrics. Inspired by a diverse and dynamic client base, these innovative designers joined forces to establish MFANO. 


Randy Trull and John Miller

The MFANO story began soon after Randy Trull retired from over twenty years as a textile designer for Sunbrella (Glen Raven Mills). While at Sunbrella, Randy was responsible for connecting Glen Raven Mills with Sunbury Textile Mills, creating a partnership that allowed Sunbrella to develop the jacquard line that it is known for today.

Upon his retirement, Randy opened Classic Designs of Wilmington, an antiques shop and designer’s studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. As he worked with local clients, Randy quickly saw a demand for innovative and fresh designs in luxury performance fabric offerings.

John Miller’s extensive experience in the design business transcends many spectrums, including residential and commercial interior design and as a buyer’s representative overseeing projects from construction through to completion. John recognized Randy’s significant impact on the textile industry and decided to join forces with Randy to form a design partnership. Thus, MFANO was born.

Randy Trull once again is using his indomitable creativity and lifelong passion for textiles to create the MFANO collection, an original line of versatile performance fabrics.


MFANO and Pender Creek Design Workshop

In the beginning, MFANO reissued a small number of Randy’s retired Sunbrella designs from various lines mixed with a limited number of new originals. Since those early days, the line has grown to include many more exclusively developed fabrics.

At the outset MFANO worked with local designers, but they soon expanded to the national scene at the High Point Market. At Market, Randy and John showed a bespoke pillow collection featuring MFANO’s performance fabrics. This expansion led to greater production needs and the acquisition of Pender Creek Design Workshop. Now an 8,000 square foot custom production workroom with a world-class upholstery department.

In 2016, MFANO began to grow exponentially. The company is focusing on expanding the MFANO fabrics line, magnifying brand recognition and escalating the availability of fabrics and end products through a broadening network of sales representatives and showrooms. MFANO is also establishing a network of manufacturing partnerships in casual furniture as well as interiors.

MFANO’s fabrics blur the line between Indoor and outdoor usage with appealing designs and palpable textures. MFANO fabrics boldly and stylishly represent the exciting future of decorative textiles. 


Designer Inspired Fabrics for Everyday and Everywhere.