R.Holland Premium Fabrics
Beautiful Colorways
Exquisite Detail
Rich Patterns



R.Holland is a luxury performance fabric line by MFANO. Created with a hand made for interior design but with the ability to be used anywhere under the sun. Designed by textile mastermind Randy Trull, R. Holland displays the diversity of the latest technology in finishes with the textile designs of a master with over 45 years of textile experience. The colors are cool and crisp. The designs are luxurious and sophisticated. Several are based on hand drawings by Randy Trull.

R.Holland celebrates cutting edge designs in performance fabrics. Woven by Sunbrella® solely for R. Holland, It is available “To the Trade,” exclusively through a network of landmark showrooms throughout America.

Featuring 100% Solution dyed Acrylic, R.Holland premium performance fabrics come with all the colorfastness, water resistance, stain resistance and cleanability of Sunbrella. Including the Sunbrella 5 year warranty.

R.Holland: Luxury plus performance, feel the difference.

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